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End of Year Speeches

Key Stage 2 student of the year: This key stage 2 student has made superb progress across this academic year in so many different ways from caring for others to raising achievement and sharing her knowledge of animals to her peers. This student has shown excellent leadership qualities and has been a positive influence on other class members through assisting them in their work. We are so proud of her and are delighted to announce the winner of the Key stage 2 student of the year goes to Annette Lees.


Key Stage 3 student of the year: This key stage 3 student is always enthusiastic to try out new learning experiences be this in the classroom or outside in the wider community. This student has shown a greater confidence in himself which has translated positively to his interactions and communication with both adults and students including actively being involved in role play even adopting female roles – therefore key stage 3 student of the year goes to Louie Penfold.


Key Stage 4 student of the year: This key stage 4 student has made significant progress across this academic year being entered for a range of exams that he felt would never be possible. We have seen him develop into an articulate young man who is ready for his move into college life, therefore key stage 4 student of the year is David Nicol.


Key Stage 5 student of the year: This key stage 5 student has always been willing to participate in practical activities and has been an asset on the farm. It is good to see that this student is returning in September and currently will be the only student to be studying a level 2 course in Construction. Therefore key stage 5 student of the year is Josh Pope.


ASDCN student of the year: This student has been a very mature member of his group, is a conscientious learner and has shown a greater degree of independence around the school and with his learning which is pleasing to see. Therefore ASDCN student of the year is Jaydon Towers.


Most progress Made: Two students have been chosen for their excellent progress in many ways throughout this academic year. The first student is always enthusiastic to try out new learning experiences and is an active participant in classroom discussion. This student has shown a greater confidence in herself and this has translated positively to her interactions and communication with both adults and students. This student should feel very proud of her social and learning achievements – therefore the first student who has made excellent progress is Holly Owens.

The second student has made significant progress both socially and academically, he has overcome many personal challenges and is now able to work with a range of staff and students, he has tried beyond measure to make progress and has achieved this – therefore this student is Ewan Massoon.


Sports person of the year: This student has developed in leaps and bounds in all areas of sport. This student is able to take a lead role within his team and offers support to team members. His student has played in matches against other schools and is an asset to sports at Headstart School including being this year’s table tennis champion – this student is Bill Treeby.


Artist of the year: This student always arrives at her lesson with lots of enthusiasm and bundles of ideas. This student is very creative and likes to develop her own independent original ideas. She has a keen eye for detail and often creates work which is highly detailed and sometimes complicated in design. This student is Holly Owens.


Head teacher’s Award: Headstart School has seen this student change from a quiet, shy student into a more confident and determined young man. He has conducted himself impeccably throughout his time at Headstart. This student was so determined to be successful that he decided to stay at headstart for an additional year to resit English and Maths and to sit an AS level in Art. Therefore we are very proud to announce that the headteachers award is presented to David Stallwood.


Teacher of the Year: This member of staff is a highly valued and totally committed member of the staff team. This teacher holds high expectations of all students and believes that each and every student can reach for the stars. This teacher seeks ways to give students a real world application for knowledge remaining sensitive to the needs of others including parents and colleagues. This is by no means easy as each student has very different needs however this teacher plays out a multitude of different roles throughout the day with fluidity and grace. This member of staff has strong core principles however has evolved with changing times. The most effective educators bring their entire selves to the job, celebrate student successes, show compassion, laugh at their mistakes, share their unique ways and aren’t afraid to be human and as importantly treat students with respect – this analogy is totally fitting for our teacher of the year: Lorraine Colegate.

Headstart “SEND” Offer

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At Headstart School, we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our students, whatever their needs or abilities. All students are valued, given a sense of self-worth and are helped to develop confidence in their abilities and strengths throughout their school experience.

Support is provided for all students who require additional or personalised provision to enable them to achieve success. These students will have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and will currently have a Statement of Special Educational Needs. In addition some of these students may also be nationally recognised as vulnerable to under achievement, such as children who are looked after by the Local Authority (LAC), students eligible for free school meals (FSM), Gypsy, Roma Travellers (GRT) and those from ethnic minority groups (EM).

All teachers are able to teach across a range of abilities and personalise learning according to individual student need. We recognise that it is the teacher’s responsibility to meet the needs of all young people in their class through their classroom organisation, materials used, teaching style, differentiation (planning tasks to take account of different learning styles) and through partnership working with our highly specialist staff team, outstanding communication with external professionals, parents/carers and active engagement in the local community. We firmly believe that this lies at the heart of good inclusive practice.



Click the Logo to read about the offer we make to those children and their families.



FLSE – 17 July 2014 – Members’ News Update

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The FLSE’s produce a weekly Members’ News Update by Email.
It provides all the latest news from across the special education sector and elsewhere.


To view the latest newsletter from 17th July 2014 Click Here.

You can also sign up to receiev the weekly newsletters Click Here

Ninfield Carnival

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So, Headstart School became involved in the local community spirit of things by entering the Ninfield Carnival. This year’s theme was ‘Children’s T.V programmes’ (throughout the years!!) with us rallying staff and students together to create our float and costumes. I was amazed at the support of parents, carers and workers from other settings of which we were most grateful.

Students involved really joined in the spirit of the occasion being rather competitive with who could raise the most in their collecting tins and genuinely wanting to raise money for local good causes. We were extremely pleased to be recognized for two great costumes – our very own Becca Stadames won first prize for her inventive Smurf design and Debbie Hoyland obtained a certificate for her cat woman outfit.

We plan to be back next year bigger and better than ever.


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