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Headstart’s curriculum offers students from Year 4 to Post 16 to develop the skills and understanding to engage into the world of technology. Students learn to understand which form of software & hardware best suits their needs to be creative. They establish the core skills required to use all forms of ICT equipment in order to then be able to produce a variety of work that they are assessed against.

Key Stage 3 students are given two pathways to choose from at the end of Key Stage 3 to continue their ICT development. A minimum of one of the following subjects must be chosen by each student.

Core Skills Pathway
This is a Diploma course which enables students to complete different units resulting in grades from Entry Level through to the equivalent of a GCSE.


Creative Pathway
This second option allows the more creative student the option to work through media technology skills on a computer. They acquire knowledge in areas such as: film editing and production; cartoon and computer game production; print and media work and possible radio production. This looks in more detail at the different types of job and employment prospects ICT has to offer and gives students a wide range of opportunities to visit local recording studios and radio stations. Students can work from one diploma to the higher level offering them the opportunity the option to attain a qualification equivalent of a grade A* to C at GCSE. Many of our students have continued on to college to study Media Technology at A level.

ICT at Headstart allows students to incorporate skills learnt using information technology into everyday activities. The knowledge is applied to all other subjects; this promotes creativity and engagement. The ICT department aims to stimulate students by using innovative teaching approaches and new technology, providing all students with useful ICT skills, and the ability to work and learn independently.