As a core subject in the National Curriculum, Mathematics (hereafter referred to as Maths) is offered to all students at Headstart School including our post 16 students.

As a school we believe it is fundamental for the children to gain a good basic numerical understanding and number skills that would be transferable to a variety of mathematical learning experiences. Students study the four main areas in maths: Using and applying Mathematics, number and algebra, shape, space and measure and handling data. We focus on methods to overcome identified weaknesses in maths, practise and development of oral skills and promoting a positive attitude to maths including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance.

Our schemes of work are developed as part of the National Curriculum and the National Numeracy Strategies in Key Stage 2 and 3. In Key Stage 4 pupils follow either our Entry Level Maths program or the AQA GCSE Maths syllabus. Our Post 16 pupils continue to develop their maths skills through their BTEC’s and by completing one of our maths courses.

We endeavour to keep the style of teaching and the work presented relevant to the children. Opportunities are allowed for children to acknowledge what they are learning and the progress they are making. Our lessons follow a starter, main activity and plenary format where the plenary is adopted to reinforce our behaviour system. A high teacher to student ratio is employed.

As a school we have many different resources available to support our students as they develop their Maths. In our Key Stage 2 and 3 areas we use Numicon, multilink, number fans and individual whiteboards. Throughout the key stages ICT is used to promote learning with interactive whiteboards in most of our classrooms and laptops available to all pupils. We use many websites including “My Maths” which is also used for independent study at home. Real life Maths is very important to our staff.