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Exam Results and Achievements


Exam Results and Achievements

We are very proud of all our students and their hard work this year.

We have achieved a 100% pass rate for those pupils taking GCSE’s this year. One of our students sat GCSE’s in English, maths and PE. The progress this student has made has been excellent. When he started with us two years ago, he was working at entry level. From this he has achieved a D in English and an E in maths and PE. Showing progress in maths and English of over two grades (12 points). This student has also achieved BTEC Certificates at level 1 in Land-based Studies, Construction, Sport and IT Users making his final results equivalent to seven GCSE’s.

Two of our Post 16 girls took their maths GCSE. One achieved a G and the other showing two grades of progress over one year achieved an E grade.

We have had a record number of BTECs passed this year by both our year 10 and 11 students including Land-based Studies, Construction, Art and Design, Sport and IT Users.

Next year will be even busier for our students at Headstart as we have at least nine pupils who are studying a variety of GCSE’s including English, maths, science, citizenship and PE.

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