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Exam results


Exam results

Today has been a humbling experience as parents and carers joined their young people to collect results. I sit here tonight with the echo of parents and carers words informing me that their child had been told they would never achieve anything/they were to challenging/naughty and so much more. Yet by supporting each of them to believe in themselves, find courage to take chances with learning, feel our care and passion for them to reach their dreams, we know we have helped them achieve so much. Today, i feel proud, proud of our students, proud of our staff and so very thankful to parents and carers for their relentless support. Today has seen some really positive results amongst a very small cohort of students including English at Grade 5, Citizenship and PE Grade C, a plethora of level 2 BTEC’s and so much more. Dedication from all shows that every child really does matter.

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