Term 2

Welcome back to our second term.
During this term we will continue to learn not only in the classroom but outside in the Forest School and Landbased Studies.
Please make sure that all students are coming to school with wellies and wet weather clothing.

Important dates for your diary this term are…

Wednesday 11th December – School Christmas Lunch
Tuesday 17th December – Christmas Celebrations

Further information will be sent out.

End of term is on the 17th December 2019.

About Headstart School:

Headstart School was established in 1999. It has a proven track record of success with learners on the Autistic Spectrum including those with complex needs. Places are available for students from age 5 to 16 and following onto our Post 16 courses up to the age of 21.

Headstart School has the benefit of two sites: both situated in the East Sussex countryside, one on the outskirts of the village of Ninfield and the other at Golden Cross. The school admits up to fifty students across both sites complemented by a large qualified experienced staff team. This high ratio of qualified staff to student and our unique approach is what we believe to be our strength and the main reason for our success with students who have struggled in other academic environments.

Headstart School is committed to providing considered and carefully developed individual and personalised education to students who have found conventional learning a challenge. Headstart School uses innovative methods of teaching across a wide range of subjects with an emphasis on outdoor learning enabling students to identify and work to their own potential with enthusiasm, in a safe and happy learning environment.

Safeguarding Statement:

At Headstart School the safety and welfare of our children is of the utmost importance.

All adults must protect children from harm and abuse and be aware that any child may be at risk.

Everyone (including parents and carers) has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of our children. Stewart Mansell and Jacquie Fairhurst are the school’s Designated Safeguarding Leads and should be contacted (via the office) immediately with any concerns. Mr Mike Parsons, Mrs Sue Sheeran, Ms Sue Carnell, act in this role in their absence. Caroline Melia is the nominated safeguarding governor.

Headstart Mission Statement

Headstart School aims to give every student the opportunity to:

• Build self-esteem and self-awareness

• Take ownership of their learning and build independent learning skills

• Gain accredited qualifications and vocational skills

• Acquire the necessary social skills to integrate into society