Key Stage 4

The curriculum in Key Stage 4 is developed around equipping students to be successful in the next stage of their education both socially and academically, developing their skills gained in KS3. As with the other Key Stages, the curriculum is developed around the needs of the individual or small groups of students. There is a wide range of options and qualifications offered, many of which provide transferable skills. That allows students to progress and succeed in areas that are their strengths and in which they excel, as well as providing core Literacy and Numeracy skills.

In addition to the Core Subjects (English, Maths, Science), students can study a number of other subjects at a level which suits their abilities, from Entry Level through to BTEC and GCSE. Subjects are delivered in an accessible, interactive way, with a number of off-site trips to help stimulate interest and motivate. This, coupled with the Enrichment activities on offer, allow students to continue to develop social and independence skills, as well as build self-confidence and esteem. Key Stage 4 staff work closely with a wide range of Post-16 providers, including Headstart’s own dedicated Post-16 Team, in order to ensure a smooth transition for the students moving onto a Post-Sixteen setting if, students are ready for this next stage.